Hummingboard Base / Pro

System on Chip NXP IMX6SDLRM
Number GPIO 17
Status Fully supported

Supported Features

Read / Write yes
Interrupt yes

Platform Selection

Due to the SolidRun System On Module (SOM) feature, a right combination of platform and SOM needs to be configured to get proper wiringX support for your platform.

Platform SOM wiringX
Hummingboard Base i1 i.MX6 Solo hummingboard_base_sdl
Hummingboard Pro i1 i.MX6 Solo hummingboard_pro_sdl
Hummingboard Base i2 i.MX6 Dual Lite hummingboard_base_sdl
Hummingboard Pro i2 i.MX6 Dual Lite hummingboard_pro_sdl
Hummingboard Base i2eX i.MX6 Dual hummingboard_base_dq
Hummingboard Pro i2eX i.MX6 Dual hummingboard_pro_dq
Hummingboard Base i4Pro i.MX6 Quad hummingboard_base_dq
Hummingboard Pro i4Pro i.MX6 Quad hummingboard_pro_dq

GPIO Mapping

5v 5v 0v 15 16 1 0v 4 5 0v 6 10 11
3.3v 8 9 7 0v 0 2 3 3.3v 12 13 14 0v